Recently updated PAL topics

The Department’s Policy and Advisory Library (PAL) launched on 15 June 2020. This table outlines all substantive changes made to PAL topics since launch.


Date of update Topic Change
27 January 2022 Suspensions This topic has been amended to make a minor clarification regarding suspensions of more than 5 consecutive days and to update the contact information. Updated forms are now available on the Resources tab for principals seeking Regional Director approval for suspensions of more than 5 consecutive or 15 days in total.
26 January 2022 Attendance

This topic has been amended to include the updated Attendance and Absence Reporting Guide for schools. The Guide is designed to assist schools to record different types of attendances and absences accurately in term 1, 2022. It updates the COVID related codes to reflect the latest School Operations Guide and includes the new prep transition code.

20 January 2022 Parent Payments This topic has been updated to improve readability and to integrate the additional advice provided to schools following webinars in Term 3, 2021.
19 January 2022 Graffiti – Prevention and Management This is a new topic that outlines practical measures schools can take to prevent and respond to unwanted graffiti.
10 January 2022

Ventilation and Air Purification

This topic has been updated to incorporate a link to an air purifiers in schools information video. This is a recording of an online information session that was held to support school leaders and school staff to operate their Samsung AX7500 air purification devices. The video also provides general information about how ventilation can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and overviews a range of resources to support schools in managing COVID-19 related OHS risks and matters relating to employee health, safety and wellbeing. A further session will be held in Term 1 2022.

In the process of transitioning all Department policy over to the new PAL we have also made a number of overarching changes and updates to Department policy, including:

  • providing a consistent policy structure, with a summary for quick reference, and full policy details sitting underneath
  • providing contact details for all topics, for school queries or feedback
  • updating language to remove ambiguities
  • clarifying the role of school council, where applicable, such as whether or not school council are the decision-making or consulting body for a particular issue
  • providing new and updated resources to support schools to implement Department policy and guidance, such as template forms

In transitioning all policy over to PAL we have re-set the date that the policy was last updated to reflect the date of PAL launch. This does not mean that all policies have been significantly changed in terms of school requirements. For significant changes, refer to the table above.

Any questions or feedback relating to these updates can be directed to the relevant contact listed on the policy or the Operational Policy, School Engagement and Compliance Division:
Phone: 03 7022 1888

We will continue to update and improve PAL content to ensure schools are able to access information that is clear and accurate and we welcome feedback from schools to support this process.

Reviewed 27 January 2022