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Note: Employees can update their address details using Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPayExternal Link .

Leave or payroll administration

*Note: Employees can update their banking details using Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay where the computer is logged onto the school or department network only. Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay.

Applying for leave

Applications for leave should be submitted through employee self-service (ESS) on eduPayExternal Link .

In the situation where leave already submitted through ESS and approved on eduPay needs to be amended or deleted, use the Leave Amendment Form (Word)External Link to request the change.

Where ESS cannot be accessed or used, an application will need to be made in writing using the appropriate form below:

Corporate users

Refer to eduPay Help for corporate users and to access the request form.

School users — school internal or administrative use

Below are templates that schools can use if they wish to assist in the collection of information for data entry and record management purposes. The templates should be downloaded and modified as necessary, to meet the specific requirements of the school.


HR administration access in eduPay and Recruitment Online

Principals may provide access to certain roles in eduPay and Recruitment Online for employees who undertake additional human resources (HR) or recruitment responsibilities. This process will also assign additional access to their own record if required. Use the eduPay security page available in Manager Self Service. The assignment of additional access is processed on eduPay following an overnight process.

Use the MSS-QRG-Security Management Guide (PDF)External Link (staff login required) for assistance and instructions for principals to manage eduPay additional access for employees in their school. Only the additional access relevant to the employee's position and role in the school is to be provided. This process is not used to provide employee self-service as this is automatically assigned.

All users with additional access are reminded that all information must be kept secure and only used in accordance with any privacy legislation requirements.

New or acting principal appointment — assign principal rights in eduPay

Where a new or acting principal has been appointed to the school, principal rights to eduPay will need to be assigned. Complete the Request for Principal Access to eduPay form (Word)External Link (staff login required) and send to the fax or email address on the form.

Employee works at multiple school locations

Where an employee performs the HR role at multiple school locations, access cannot be completed by the principal. The eduPay multiple access request form (Word)External Link must be completed.

Contractor or other non-employee access

Where access or a change of access is required for a contractor or other non-employee, the eduPay contractor access form (Word)External Link must be completed.

Resources for Forms — Teaching Service and HR Administration

Reviewed 26 March 2024

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