This page topic provides links to commonly used Department forms, pro formas and standard letters applicable to the teaching service (including education support class employees).

Other forms (if applicable) are available from the relevant policy page accessed through the relevant topic pages in the Schools Policy and Advisory Library. Also available here are templates that schools can use for internal administration purposes. Refer to the Resources tab.

  • Recruitment or employment
  • Staff management
  • Leave or payroll administration
  • Applying for leave
  • School internal or administrative use

This page topic also provides links to payroll and Recruitment Online access forms. Refer to the Resources tab.

  • School users
  • New or acting principal appointment — assign principal rights in eduPay
  • Employee works at multiple school locations
  • Contractor or other non-employee access

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Overview for Department Forms — Teaching Service and HR Administration

Reviewed 15 April 2021

Policy last updated

15 June 2020


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