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Victorian Teaching and Learning Model


This policy sets out the requirement for schools to implement the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model (VTLM).


  • Schools are encouraged to implement the VTLM to reflect upon and improve teaching practice.
  • VTLM translates the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) into classroom-level pedagogical principles and strategies that will positively impact student learning and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Key components of the VTLM are accessible via the Guidance tab.
  • Tools and resources that support schools in using the VTLM are accessible via the Resources tab.


The VTLM was introduced in 2019 for use in all Victorian government schools.

The VTLM brings FISO into the classroom. The VTLM provides school leaders and teachers with a framework to systematically review student achievement, reflect on current teaching practices and put in place evidence-based strategies to positively impact student learning and wellbeing outcomes. 

The model allows teachers and school leaders to:

  • focus on high impact teaching and learning improvement initiatives
  • make evidence-based decisions to improve student learning.

The VTLM encompasses 4 components:

  • A vision for learning helps create a unified set of values and beliefs to drive a high-performance learning culture.
  • The practice principles for excellence in teaching and learning (practice principles) translate FISO into 9 signature pedagogies aimed at improving student achievement, motivation and engagement
  • The pedagogical model describes what effective teaching looks like in the classroom and helps teachers effectively apply the practice principles.
  • The high impact teaching strategies (HITS) present 10 instructional practices that reliably increase student learning.

Who can use the VTLM?

The VTLM is a Department endorsed model that schools may choose to implement, as a whole or in part, in line with their school improvement priorities. The VTLM is aligned to FISO and is the Department’s preferred evidence-based pedagogical framework for the Victorian system. Whilst the VTLM is not mandated, schools are encouraged to use it to implement their school improvement initiatives: to evaluate their current work and improve teaching practices.

The practice principles, the pedagogical model and the HITS can assist school leaders and teachers to reflect on teaching practice and plan differentiated learning programs to achieve better learning outcomes for students. Schools who already have an instructional model can use the VTLM to benchmark their current model to ensure they have a comprehensive view of teaching and learning for their context. The pedagogical model can be used as the reference for the lesson-based instructional overview and offers additional continua to assist schools with identifying opportunities to strengthen their existing models.

The Department recommends that school leaders and teachers use the VTLM guides and resources in line with their school’s strategic plans and annual implementation plans and start from reflecting on their current practice using the vision for learning and practice principles.

How is the VTLM connected with other initiatives?

The VTLM promotes evidence-based teaching practice and enhances teachers’ pedagogical repertoire. It supports teachers to work in professional learning communities as they develop evidence-based learning programs tailored to individual student needs.

VTLM is embedded into the Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support and Differentiated Support for School Improvement initiatives and Departmental professional learning for teachers and leaders.

Department policy setting out the requirement for schools to implement the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model

Reviewed 15 July 2021

Policy last updated

16 July 2021


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