This policy sets out the guidance for schools to implement the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model (VTLM).


  • Schools are encouraged to implement the VTLM to reflect upon and improve teaching practice.
  • VTLM translates the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes 2.0 (FISO 2.0) into classroom-level pedagogical principles and strategies that will positively impact student learning and wellbeing outcomes.
  • Key components of the VTLM are accessible via the Guidance tab.
  • Tools and resources that support schools in using the VTLM are accessible via the Resources tab.


The VTLM was introduced in 2019 for use in Victorian government schools.

The VTLM brings FISO 2.0 into the classroom, providing school leaders and teachers with a framework to systematically review student outcomes, reflect on current teaching practices and put in place evidence-based strategies to positively impact student learning and wellbeing.

It supports teachers and school leaders to:

  • focus on high impact teaching and learning
  • make evidence-based decisions to improve student outcomes.

The Quick Guide to the VTLM (PDF)External Link , released in 2022, aligns the VTLM with the core elements of FISO 2.0.

The VTLM encompasses 5 components:

Classroom teachers of all experience levels can use the strategies and advice provided in the VTLM to enhance their lesson and unit planning.

Using the VTLM

The VTLM is a department endorsed model that schools may choose to implement, as a whole or in part, in line with their school improvement priorities. The VTLM is aligned to FISO 2.0 and is the department’s preferred evidence-based pedagogical framework for the Victorian system.

The practice principles, the pedagogical model, the HITS and the HIWS can assist school leaders and teachers to reflect on teaching practice and plan differentiated learning programs to achieve better outcomes for students. The HIWS empower school staff with the knowledge and skills to build student wellbeing. Schools who already have an instructional model can use the VTLM to benchmark their current model to ensure they have a comprehensive view of teaching, learning and wellbeing.

Department policy setting out the requirement for schools to implement the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model

Reviewed 27 September 2023

Policy last updated

7 September 2023


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Performance Division Teacher Professional Practice Unit

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