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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

Adjustments to the 2021/2022 AIP Processes in response to COVID-19

The Department has adjusted 2021/2022 processes to support schools in managing the significant changes they have faced this year due to the impacts of COVID-19.

The following documents provide supporting information on the adjustments that have been made:

For any further information or questions schools can contact the Improvement Support Unit via


This policy sets out the requirement for all schools to develop an Annual Implementation Plan (AIP).


The AIP is a core part of school business. It documents a sharp and narrow focus on school improvement priorities and provides clarity and purpose for all members of the school community as they work towards the goals set out in the School Strategic Plan (SSP). 

All schools must prepare an AIP by the end of February.

The AIP operationalises the 4-year SSP by supporting schools to select and plan how they will implement the Goals and Key Improvement Strategies (KIS) that will be their focus for school improvement in a given year.

The AIP is developed and monitored by the School Improvement Team (SIT) using the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT).

The SIT uses the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) improvement cycle to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate AIP.

The Guidance tab sets out detailed advice for each step of the AIP process. It contains the following chapters:

Relevant legislation

Department policy on developing an Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

Reviewed 30 November 2021

Policy last updated

19 October 2021


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