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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

8. Implementing the Annual Implementation Plan

To ensure effective implementation of the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and strengthen distributed leadership, schools should consider establishing systems and processes for staff to regularly work together to progress elements of the current AIP.

As these processes will vary based on school context and staffing profiles, some different options for distributed leadership of AIP implementation and monitoring are outlined below.

Led by school leadership or the school improvement team members

  • Each member of the school improvement team (SIT) is responsible for aspects of the AIP implementation that link to their role.
  • Team members regularly meet, analyse data and report on progress.
  • The SIT is responsible for running regular professional development sessions, collecting data, and gaining feedback from staff, students, and parents.

Led by AIP working groups

  • Specific working groups are created in response to AIP key improvement strategies (KIS), for example, a numeracy working group and a Respectful Relationships working group.
  • The AIP working groups meet regularly and are responsible for overseeing the implementation and monitoring for their AIP area. They report back to leadership/SIT once a term.
  • Working groups are responsible for delivering professional development, collecting data and gaining feedback from students and parents.

Led collaboratively across schools

  • In circumstances where schools are not able to distribute implementation efforts across staff within the school (such as in very small schools), AIP development and implementation can be distributed across schools in a network or cluster.
  • In these instances, schools may share priorities (identified through actions) and implement them differently in response to context (identified through activities).
  • Very small schools can support each other with monitoring and critically reflecting on implementation efforts.
  • They may also draw on additional resourcing (part-time staff and regional staff or school council members as appropriate).
Includes information about different options for distributed leadership of AIP implementation and monitoring

Reviewed 02 October 2023

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