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Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) initiative


This policy outlines the operation of the Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) initiative in Victorian government schools.

For information about 2024 MYLNS funding, please refer to the Student Resource Package – Targeted Initiatives: Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support Initiative (Reference 118).


The MYLNS initiative provides intensive teaching support to students in Year 10 in government secondary schools who are at risk of finishing school without the literacy and numeracy skills they need for future work and study.

Interventions at Year 10 are critical to ensure students have the foundational literacy and numeracy skills necessary for them to be able to successfully complete senior secondary education and to achieve their goals related to future work, education or training.

MYLNS plays an important role in a school’s teaching and learning program. Using a Response to Intervention framework, MYLNS is categorised as a Tier 3 support, where an intensive intervention is provided for students in Year 10 who require additional support in literacy and numeracy.

Funding is provided for schools to release experienced teachers as MYLNS Improvement Teachers to work directly with MYLNS students. Schools must advise the department of their nominated MYLNS Improvement Teacher(s) each year via the Improvement Teacher nomination formExternal Link (staff login required).

Students assessed as ‘Needs Additional Support’ or who were exempt in reading and/or numeracy as per their Year 9 NAPLAN results will be automatically tagged as MYLNS students in CASES21. Schools can select additional Year 10 students who may benefit from MYLNS initiative support.

For information about the role of MYLNS Improvement Teachers, identification of students for MYLNS support, and approaches to supporting MYLNS students including assessment, refer to the Guidance tab.

Resources for schools are available on the Resources tab.


MYLNS students
Students in Year 10 who were assessed as ‘Needs Additional Support’ in reading and/or numeracy in the previous year’s NAPLAN. Year 10 students exempt from the previous year’s reading and/or numeracy NAPLAN are also included in the MYLNS initiative. If there is capacity, schools should identify additional Year 10 students based on a combination of data including school-based assessments, teacher judgement data, and behavioural and attendance records.

More information about student selection is available in the Guidance tab.

Improvement Teachers
Improvement Teachers are experienced teachers within a school who are provided with time release to deliver literacy and/or numeracy direct teaching support to MYLNS students.

More information about appointment of Improvement Teachers is available in the Guidance tab.

Relevant legislation

Department policy supporting schools in implementing the MYLNS initiative

Reviewed 12 February 2024

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12 February 2024


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