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Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) initiative

Assessment for MYLNS students

For advice relating to assessment of student achievement and progress across Foundation to Level 10 (F–10), including English as an Additional Language (EAL), refer to Assessment of Student Achievement and Progress Foundation to 10.

In addition, the MYLNS Assessment Tool is available twice-yearly for MYLNS Improvement Teachers to use with their students in Term 1 and Term 4. The 2024 testing window dates are 12 February to 1 March and 11 to 29 November.

The MYLNS Assessment Tool is available on the Digital Assessment LibraryExternal Link and includes separate assessments of literacy and numeracy:

  • MYLNS Assessment for literacy support students (literacy assessments) – covers the Reading and Viewing mode of the English Curriculum Levels 5-9, including the Language, Literature and Literacy strands
  • MYLNS Assessment for numeracy support students (numeracy assessments) – covers all aspects of the Mathematics Curriculum Levels 5-9, including the Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability strands.

The MYLNS Assessment Tool provides Improvement Teachers with a report indicating the student’s level of curriculum achievement. MYLNS Improvement Teachers can use this tool to both identify student point of need and measure learning achievement at the start and at the conclusion of their participation in the MYLNS initiative.

Guidance chapter on assessment for MYLNS students

Reviewed 12 February 2024

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