Student achievement managers

Student achievement managers (SAMs) are located in the department’s regional offices and are the first point of contact for schools.

SAMs work with schools to:

  • support the implementation of the MYLNS initiative by working proactively with schools, networks, principals and their teams to build capacity in literacy and numeracy intervention.
  • support the collection of data to monitor and evaluate the success of the initiative.
  • facilitate communities of practice (CoPs) within the school network to share practice approaches and discuss challenges.
  • facilitate access to professional learning as required.

To find out who is your school’s assigned SAM, email:

Professional learning

Professional learning opportunities, including webinars and workshops, are communicated through In Our ClassroomsExternal Link and by your SAM.

Professional learning is also provided via the Learning Management System (LMS)External Link . Improvement Teachers are provided with access to the LMS when they are first nominated by their school. Improvement Teachers can contact the MYLNS inbox ( with any queries regarding accessing the LMS.

MYLNS Assessments

The MYLNS assessment tool is available on the Digital Assessment LibraryExternal Link .

Further information on MYLNS-specific assessment resources is provided in the guidance section.

Literacy and mathematics teaching toolkits

Literacy and mathematics teaching toolkits provide practical advice and high impact teaching practices that improve outcomes in numeracy and mathematics, reading, writing, and speaking and listening.

The toolkits are available on the department’s website, visit : Literacy Teaching ToolkitExternal Link and Mathematics Teaching ToolkitExternal Link .

The Toolkits include links to the Literacy learning progressionsExternal Link and the Numeracy learning progressionsExternal Link .

Learning difficulties information guides

The learning difficulties information guides are a foundation for understanding learning difficulties in numeracy and literacy. These guides can assist school leaders and teachers to understand more about the needs of students with learning difficulties.

To access the learning difficulties information guides, visit: Learning difficultiesExternal Link

Literacy and numeracy for Koorie students

The department provides a range of resources to support literacy and English for Koorie students. These include:

  • Koorie English online
  • school leadership guides
  • the Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program
  • teaching and learning videos to improve Koorie students’ reading comprehension

For more information, visit: Literacy and English for Koorie studentsExternal Link and/or access the MYLNS LMS and undertake the professional learning on supporting Koorie students.

English as an additional language

English as an additional language (EAL) resources are available to support teachers with students of EAL background develop proficiency in English and/or access the MYLNS LMS and undertake the professional learning on supporting CALD students.

For more information, visit: English as an Additional Language (EAL)External Link

Digital Assessment Library

The Digital Assessment Library (DAL) is an online and on demand student learning assessment tool that is freely available from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). It provides timely and detailed information on individual student performance. The DAL contains assessments that are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and include English, Mathematics and Critical and Creative Thinking strands.

For more information, visit: Digital Assessment Library (DAL)External Link

Other relevant resources

Resources page containing supporting resources and links for the Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS) initiative

Reviewed 17 August 2023

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