For advice on temporary enrolment requests relating to a flood-related closure of another school, refer to: Temporary enrolments – emergency school closures.


This policy sets out requirements for entry into Victorian government schools, including admissions, enrolments, the placement of students and transfers between schools.


This Enrolment Policy and the mandatory Enrolment in a Victorian Government School Guidelines, available on the Guidance tab, combines the admissions, enrolment, placement and transfers policies into one clear and concise location for Victorian government schools.

Under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic):

  • Except in very specific circumstances, schooling is compulsory for students who have turned 6 until they turn 17. This applies to students at all schools including mainstream, specialist, and government English language schools or centres.
  • Every Victorian student has a legislated right to enrol at their designated neighbourhood school (section 2.2.13) and may be enrolled at another school subject to sufficient accommodation (section 2.2.14). Victorian government schools must refer to the Enrolment in a Victorian Government School Guidelines (refer to Guidance tab), for details on:
    • age eligibility, including exceptions and exemptions from the maximum and minimum school age requirements and processes
    • determining designated neighbourhood school areas and zones
    • Department policy requirements relating to placement of students (Placement Policy) and enrolment management
    • enrolment appeal processes and requirements
    • determining permanent residence of students and families
    • required documentation and information when enrolling students
    • transfers between schools
    • enrolment in specialist schools
    • concurrent enrolment for students entering youth justice or secure welfare.

For policy and guidance on transition process and support for students moving from Year 6 to 7, refer to: Transition – Year 6 to 7.

For policy and guidance on exemptions from attendance and enrolment, refer to: Exemptions to School Attendance and Enrolment.

Relevant legislation


For support with enrolment queries, schools may contact the relevant senior transition officer in the applicable regional office. Refer to Office locationsExternal Link for contact details.

For queries regarding school zones and the Find my SchoolExternal Link website, please contact the Victorian School Building Authority on:

For feedback on this Enrolment policy, please contact the School Provision and Establishment Division on:


Department policy on enrolling students, including admission process and requirements, placement of students and transfer of students between schools

Reviewed 18 March 2024

Policy last updated

19 March 2024


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