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Concurrent enrolment process (youth justice and secure welfare)

The section below describes the administrative process when Victorian government schools transfer student information to a Parkville College campus, after the student enters youth justice custody or secure welfare and is concurrently enrolled.

  1. Update student details in CASES21, including the transfer date as the day after the last date the student attended classes prior to custody at their base school.  All student information must be up-to-date prior to transfer.

Note: CASES21 automatically updates the Victorian Student Register (VSR). The two reports are available to select, view and print — Student Enrolment Information Form and Student Information Full Details Report. The student exit process in CASES21 is not part of this process.

  1. ​When the student’s data has been imported by Parkville College the base school must forward all Student Support Services and Department of Community Services documentation. This would include any uploaded documentation that relates to the students welfare, medical and well-being.

Note: Parents are required to provide the receiving school with:

  • evidence of the student's name and date of birth
  • passport or travel documentation for non-Australian born students
  • court Orders or written consent of both parents agreeing to admission; for separated parents
  1. Once the student has returned to the community, the student will be exited by Parkville College and maintain a single enrolment at their base school. Parkville College will advise the base school of the transition prior to the date. Where a student does not return to their base school, normal Department policy and procedures apply.
Guidance chapter on the for transferring student information to a Parkville College campus and enrolment arrangements for students exiting Parkville College

Reviewed 01 December 2021

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