School operations

Reporting and Managing School Incidents (including emergencies)

Department Resources

Whole-of-Department School Incident Management System Policy and Guidelines

Rating Incidents and Reporting to the Incident Support and Operations Centre (ISOC)

eduSafe Plus

  • eduSafe Plus (login required) — the Department’s hazard, incident and injury reporting system for incidents that have, or could have resulted in injury to staff, visitors or contractors.
  • Principals and/or their delegates must ensure the eduSafe Plus poster is placed on the school’s OHS Noticeboards. 
  • The eduSafe Plus Incident Notification Template and the eduSafe Plus Hazard Notification Template are available for contractors, visitors or volunteers to complete when they are reporting an incident or hazard to the site contact


Response and recovery

  • Managing Trauma Guide (pdf) — a comprehensive guide for schools and Department staff on how to plan for and respond to incidents that may cause trauma. Includes Recovery Tools, practical resources to help schools to act following an event, to minimise trauma for students, staff and the school community.

Child protection

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) contacts

 External resources

Resources for reporting and managing incidents including Managing Trauma Guide and Report for Support poster, SIMS lanyard holder, booklet and other school incident management resources

Reviewed 30 June 2021

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