Incident severity rating, reporting and managing incidents

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Response and recovery

  • Managing trauma guide (PDF)External Link (staff login required)– a comprehensive guide for schools and department staff on how to plan for and respond to incidents that may cause trauma. Includes recovery tools, practical resources to help schools to act following an event, to minimise trauma for students, staff and the school community
  • Recovery tools excerpt (PDF)External Link (staff login required) – an excerpt from the guide, as a separate downloadable document

Child protection

PROTECT — Child Protection and Child Safe StandardsExternal Link – information and advice on how to protect children, create a child safe environment, identify and report signs of abuse

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) contacts

For OHS contacts refer to Employee Health and Wellbeing Guidance tab – Useful contacts.

External resources

Resources for reporting and managing incidents including Managing Trauma Guide and Report for Support poster, SIMS lanyard holder, booklet and other school incident management resources

Reviewed 15 March 2023

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