These Guidelines and procedures for managing and reporting school incidents (Guidelines) support schools to implement the key actions they are required to take to manage school emergencies and other incidents.

School staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Guidelines to develop a thorough understanding of how the department manages incidents, across the 3 tiers (school, regional office and central office).

These Guidelines also provide information on reporting to eduSafe Plus and action required for reporting and responding to notifiable incidents to WorkSafe.

When faced with an emergency or other incident, schools must follow the 6 incident management stages outlined in these Guidelines:

  1. Identifying an incident and immediate response
  2. Reporting an incident (Report for Support)
  3. Ongoing support and recovery
  4. Investigation
  5. Incident review and closure
  6. Analyse and learn.
Guidance chapter providing an overview of the Guidelines and Procedures for Reporting and Managing School Incidents

Reviewed 20 June 2022

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