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Notebooks for School Staff Program

Previously Teacher and Principal Notebook Program


This policy outlines requirements for schools to obtain and manage notebooks provided by the Notebooks for School Staff Program (the program).


  • To participate in the program, schools must:
    • be listed in the department’s Entity Register as 'Open'
    • have eligible staff, listed in eduPay, that meet the program eligibility outlined in the Guidance tab
  • The program will provision a Windows notebook as a standard platform to schools with eligible staff. Under certain circumstances, schools may elect for a different provisioning option, refer to the program provisioning options chapter in the Guidance tab.
  • Where an 'alternate-provision' is selected the school does so on a whole-of-school basis.
  • The program will provision a VCE Apple notebook to schools with eligible staff teaching an approved VCE subject – refer to the program provisioning options chapter in the Guidance tab for further information.
  • Schools that have aligned their teaching strategy and learning objectives with Apple or enhanced Windows technologies for the delivery of their curriculum can apply for an alternate-provision allowance.
  • For each tranche, the program will determine a school entitlement and will advise eligible schools of that entitlement at the commencement of tranche nomination period, refer to the School provision entitlement chapter in the Guidance tab.


The program provides teachers, principals and education support (ES) staff with notebook computers to support the integration of learning technologies into teaching, curriculum, professional development and administrative practices.

Schools are responsible for:

  • submitting nominations for notebook provision for their staff under each program tranche. The department will advise eligible schools when the nomination period commences and closes. Schools must submit their nominations by the deadline specified
  • maintaining program-provisioned notebooks in good working order, over the full 48 month life cycle, making use of the supplied warranty and protection:
    • where 'school-provision' is selected the school is responsible for upkeep, warranty and protection over the life cycle of the notebook
  • returning all program-provisioned notebooks at the end of life or when requested by the program:
    • where 'school-provision' is selected the school is responsible for the disposal of the notebook
  • retaining notebooks from staff who no longer work at the school and reallocating to other eligible staff
  • allocating notebooks to eligible staff only and maintaining the program's Asset Management System (AMS)External Link
  • appointing a school notebook coordinator to act as the single point of contact between the school and the program team, at all times.

In addition to the above, where a school-provisioned option is the chosen platform, the school is responsible for:

  • submitting the required application form to the program, with school council endorsement. Refer to the Resources tab
  • acquiring notebooks in accordance with the program conditions. Refer to School-provisioned notebooks (alternate-provision allowance) in the Guidance tab. Full program conditions can be found in the Resources tab
  • following the program’s reimbursement process within the advised timeframe and providing the required documentation
  • complying with the department’s procurement guidelines and processes.


Alternate-provision allowance
A provisioning option made available to schools, which have made a significant investment in Apple or enhanced Windows technology.

A lightweight portable computer.

Program-provisioned notebooks
Notebooks funded and acquired by the department and allocated to schools, as the custodian.

Program tranche
The notebook life cycle from acquisition through to replacement.

School notebook allocation
The quota of notebooks available for provision to a school based on the number of eligible school staff participating in the program.

School-provisioned notebooks
Notebooks purchased and owned by the school.

School staff
Teachers, principals and education support (ES) staff who are eligible to participate in the program.

Department policy on the requirements relating to obtaining and managing notebooks provided by the Teacher and Principal Notebook Program

Reviewed 18 July 2023

Policy last updated

18 July 2023


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Notebooks for School Staff Program Information Management and Technology Division

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