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VCE Apple notebook – notebook protection claim submission guidance

This guidance outlines the steps school staff must take to submit a claim with Apple.

Claims following this guidance will support the claim decision being made effectively.

This guidance includes:

  • actions before starting
  • what evidence to submit to support a claim
  • how to submit a claim
  • where to get help or advice.

Actions before starting

Understand the Notebook for School Staff Program protection inclusions and exclusions, detailed in the Warranty and protection chapter. Excluded claims will not be covered by protection and your school will be asked to repair or replace the notebook at their cost.

Lost or stolen notebook evidence to submit

Compulsory supporting information/documents

  • Serial number of notebook (found on the underside)
  • Notice to Victim – this notice is given at no cost when reporting a stolen notebook to the police. The notice gives the crime number and police officer reporting details including reporting date and a summary of the offence. This Notice to Victim evidence is only required for stolen notebooks.
  • Photos of the forced entry site (if available)
  • Protections claim form (DOCX)External Link (staff login required)

Further optional supporting evidence

  • Police reportExternal Link (the school will be liable for the cost of the report) – to give more detail about the claim if the Notice to Victim is not sufficient for stolen notebooks
  • A statutory declaration may be requested for lost notebooks if further information is required regarding the situation in which the notebook was lost
  • Photos
  • CCTV (If available and accessible)
  • Any other relevant information to support the claim

Accidentally damaged notebook evidence to submit

Compulsory supporting information/documents to submit

Further supporting evidence

  • CCTV
  • Any other relevant information to support claim

Note: When a claim is accepted for accidental damage, the school will be responsible for paying the upfront invoice costs and reimbursed by the insurer.

The school can claim for the cost of the diagnostic test for the accidental damage claim and the cost of the repair invoice.

How to submit your claim

Submit all completed claim submissions for lost, stolen or accidentally damaged notebooks via email to:

The email subject should read: 'VCE Apple Claim Submission for Notebook [Serial Number]'.

Please note:

  • All compulsory supporting information/documents must be submitted. Submissions without all compulsory supporting documents will be rejected.
  • The notebook serial number must be submitted with the claim and be on any Apple quotes. The serial number confirms the notebook is part of the program and can be located on the underside of the notebook.
  • The notebook program team may ask you for additional evidence to support the claim.

Submit the claim within 2 weeks of the occurrence. For any claims outside of this timeframe please email the notebook program team at

For help or advice

Please email:

The email title should read: 'VCE Apple Claim Submission – Help Needed'.

Includes information outlining the steps school staff must take to submit a claim with Apple

Reviewed 09 May 2023

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