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Program-provisioned notebooks

Program-provisioned notebooks are owned by the department and allocated to schools, as the custodian, who provide the notebooks to eligible staff for their use whilst they are working at that school.

When the staff member leaves that school (for any reason), the notebook must remain at the school for reallocation.

A notebook allocated to a school will not be replaced if the school allows the staff member to which it has been allocated to take it on leave.

Staff members cannot take a department owned, program-provisioned notebook overseas.

If a notebook is returned to the school during the last week of the term and cannot be reallocated within the school, it must be locked in a secure location or returned to the department.

Where a notebook is program-provisioned there is an option for a Windows notebook and VCE Apple notebooks (for eligible teachers delivering specific VCE subjects). Current eligible subjects are:

  • VCE Art
  • VCE Studio Arts
  • VCE Visual Communication Design
  • VCE Media
  • VCE Music Performance
  • VCE Music Investigation
  • VCE Music Style and Composition
  • VCE VET in Creative Industries
  • VCE VET Music Industry
  • VCE VET Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • VCE VET Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • Certificate III in Screen and Media
  • Certificate III in Music Industry

The eligible subjects are provided by the Curriculum and Assessment Branch, from the Learning and Teaching Division, and data of schools teaching those subjects is provided by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

To ensure schools receive their correct entitlement it is vital that subjects are reported in alignment with VCAA reporting requirements and timelines.

In addition to the above eligibility requirement, the school’s entitlement for a VCE Apple notebook is subject to the school’s entitlement calculation at the time of a tranche opening.

The program tracks the number and type of notebooks allocated to each participating school through the program’s Asset Management System.

Program-provisioned notebooks are provided to schools at no cost and include warranty and accidental damage or loss insurance for the life cycle of the notebook – refer to the Warranty and protection chapter in this guidance.

Schools who have opted for the school-provisioned option can nominate for a VCE Apple notebook, centrally funded by the program for eligible teaching staff delivering specific VCE subjects.

Guidance chapter on obtaining notebooks owned by the Department and allocated to schools

Reviewed 23 January 2023

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