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End-of-life collections

Program-provisioned notebook collections

The program is required to collect all end-of-life program-provisioned notebooks so to not expose the department to potential privacy, data or licenses breaches.

Schools must collect all end-of-life notebooks, from their teaching staff, and return at the end of 48-month life-cycle or upon request.

End-of-life notebook collections are undertaken twice each year, typically in Terms 2 and 4.

Upon delivery of new notebooks, all end-of-life notebooks should be prepared for collection, this includes:

  • data backup and transfer, removal of all personal information
  • placing notebook in new notebook packaging (ready to send)
  • notebook and peripherals returned to School Notebook Coordinator (school can retain external drives)
  • completing, printing and attaching return label (included in collection communication)
  • securely storing notebooks pending collection.

Eligible staff may be offered an opportunity to purchase the end-of-life notebook that is allocated to them in the program’s Asset Management SystemExternal Link . Notebooks that are unallocated or that are allocated to an ineligible staff member, in the program Asset Management System, cannot be included for this option.

The program engages a supplier to perform collection, data wiping and purchasing options. Any purchase made is a direct agreement between the individual and the contracted supplier.

All notebooks must be returned via this process regardless of whether it has been purchased or not. Failure to do so may result in adverse impacts for the department, program and schools.

School-provisioned notebook disposal

Schools are responsible for disposing the school-provisioned notebooks at the end of their provisioning cycle. In disposing of notebooks, schools must comply with the department policy on Secure Disposal of ICT Equipment (PDF)External Link (staff login required).

Guidance chapter on arrangements for the collection of Program-provisioned notebooks at the end of their 48 month life cycle or on request

Reviewed 28 March 2024

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