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School-provisioned notebooks (alternate-provision allowance)

School-provisioned notebooks are purchased and owned by the school, including life-cycle management and disposal.

The program offers 2 options to schools:

  • Apple Allowance
  • Enhanced Windows Allowance

This selection would be based on the school strategy to deliver the school curriculum and upon localised investment in technology platforms. For example, if a school has invested in Apple technology to deliver its curriculum.

For a school to select this provisioning option, the school must submit an application for an Apple allowance, or for an enhanced Windows allowance, which is reviewed and approved by the school council, supporting the ongoing investment for the chosen technology platform to deliver the school curriculum.

The school selection is made as a 'whole of school' choice, with approval of the school council, and applies to all future provisioning tranches moving forward.

If the direction of the school changes they should contact the program team to discuss the updates and any changes to their provisioning.

The program provides an allowance, in lieu of a program-provisioned notebook.

Schools with eligible teaching staff delivering specific VCE subjects are still able to nominate for a VCE Apple notebook, centrally funded by the program, instead of an allowance. A list of eligible VCE subjects can be found in the program-provisioned notebooks chapter of this guidance.

Alternate provision schools nominating education support staff requirements

Existing alternate provision schools (Apple or Enhanced Windows) have the choice to nominate for a Windows notebook or an allowance for education support (ES) staff who do not perform an administrative role.

ES staff who perform an administrative role at an alternate provision Enhanced Windows school (only) will be able to nominate for an allowance (with endorsement from the principal). However, these schools will need to meet the IMTD windows specification requirements outlined under the Program eligiblity for education support staff chapter of this guidance.

Please note: the department is not able to offer an allowance nomination to ES Admin staff at Apple Allowance schools as there is currently not an autopilot solution for Apple devices.

School-provisioned notebooks – purchase

Schools must purchase notebooks, in alignment with this policy and the program conditions, and seek a reimbursement from the program. The program conditions can be found in the Resources tab.

In summary, schools must purchase notebooks, no other type of device, and must be:

  • of a greater cost than the allowance provided
  • a volume (number of notebooks) matching or greater than the approved number of allowances for the school.

Approved allowances are confirmed to each school upon closure of the nomination period.

As part of the procurement schools are responsible for arranging appropriate warranty and insurance to cover the life-cycle of purchased notebooks.

The program recommends extended warranty and insurance to match the 48-month life-cycle of the allowance.

Warranty would be part of your purchase, whereas insurance can be purchased either from the supplier or through the department at School Equipment Coverage Scheme (DOCX)External Link .

The program seeks to maintain accurate records of serial numbers for school-provisioned notebooks in the program’s Asset Management SystemExternal Link .

Schools are not able to load serial numbers directly into the program's Asset Management System, however the School Notebook Coordinator can provide a spreadsheet containing the staff ID (8 digits) and the allocated serial number to the program team, via and the serial numbers can be uploaded on the schools’ behalf.

Schools have the option to use alternate-provision allowances to lease the specified number of Apple or enhanced Windows notebooks.

School-provisioned notebooks – reimbursement

The program is mandated to follow the department’s reimbursement process via the School Targeted Funding PortalExternal Link .

Schools must seek a reimbursement via Initiative Agreements, set up by the program for eligible schools, within the School Targeted Funding Portal.

Schools are required to attach the following documentation to their Initiative Agreement to enable the program to make payment against a reimbursement claim:

  • Supplier invoice detailing supplier details and date
    • Invoice date must be within the tranche timelines
    • Quantity of notebooks, cost per unit & model serial numbers
    • Certification of goods received, signed for approval to pay and marked as paid
  • School raised CASES21 Sundry Debtor Invoice for the value of the allowances being claimed
  • CASES21 displaying payment for notebooks (not mandatory but assists speeding up processing time)

Schools must have sought and received a reimbursement approval within 90 days of initial approval advice being sent to schools.

Where a request for reimbursement has not been received and approved by the program within the 90 day approval period, the allowances will lapse.

If a school is experiencing issues in meeting this timeframe, they should contact the program team for advice.

Guidance chapter on school's purchasing and owning notebooks

Reviewed 09 May 2023

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