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Notebooks for School Staff Program

Previously Teacher and Principal Notebook Program

Program tranches

The program undertakes 2 delivery tranches per school year, during Term 1 and Term 3. End-of-life notebooks are collected during Term 2 and Term 4, refer to Resources tab for high-level tranche processes.

If schools require a program-provisioned notebook outside of a provisioning tranche delivery, contact the program team to arrange a mid-cycle provision of a contemporary notebook.

Schools under the school-provisioned option require written approval from the program team to make purchases. Please contact the program team if you do not have written approval prior to making any purchase.

At the beginning of each tranche, the program will communicate with all eligible schools to advise:

  • tranche opening
  • school entitlement
  • the need to submit nominations by specific closing date.

Schools must complete all nominations through the program’s Asset Management SystemExternal Link (staff login required), for which all principals and school notebook coordinators have automatic access.

If schools do not submit nominations by the advised closing date, the program will not be able to deliver new or replacement notebooks to the school. If this occurs, the school must contact the program.

Guidance chapter explaining the two delivery tranches per year for Program-provisioned notebooks

Reviewed 23 January 2023

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