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Acer notebook – notebook protection claim submission guidance

This guidance outlines the steps school staff must take to submit a claim with Acer.

Claims following this guidance will support the claim decision being made effectively.

This guidance includes:

  • actions before starting
  • what evidence you must submit to support a claim
  • how to submit a claim
  • where to get help or advice.

Actions before starting

Understand the protection inclusions and exclusions, detailed in the Warranty and protection chapter. Excluded claims will not be covered by protection and your school will be asked to repair or replace the notebook.

Contact your school notebook coordinator who can help with claims and will arrange for an interim notebook while the notebook claim is being managed.

Lost or stolen notebook evidence to submit

Compulsory supporting information/documents to submit

  • SNID number (underside of notebook)
  • Serial number (underside of notebook)
  • Notice to Victim – this notice is given at no cost when reporting stolen notebook to the police. The notice gives the crime number and police officer reporting details including reporting date and a summary of the offence. This Notice to Victim evidence is only required for stolen notebooks

Additional information may be requested to further support the claim

  • Police reportExternal Link (the school will be liable for the cost of the report) – to give more detail if the Notice to Victim is not sufficient for stolen notebooks
  • A statutory declaration may be requested for lost notebooks if further information is required regarding the situation in which the notebook was lost
  • Photos
  • Any other required information requested by Acer or the insurers

Accidentally damaged notebook evidence to submit

  • SNID number (underside of notebook)
  • Serial number (underside of notebook)

Acer will ask you the following questions when you call them for an Accidental Damage Protection Claim, please have the information available when asked:

  • Where and when did the damage occur, or when did you first notice the product was damaged?
  • What is the nature and extent of the damage? What parts are affected?
  • How did the damage occur?
  • Where was the device located at the time of damage?
  • Are there any further details you would like to provide in relation to this claim?

For all types of claims additional information may be requested to further support the claim.

How to submit your claim

Contact Acer on 1300 308 056 for all claims help and advice.

Submit all completed claim submissions for lost, stolen or accidentally damaged notebooks as directed by Acer. Once the claim is lodged Acer will give an ID number and an email address to submit the claim submission documents.

Submit the claim within 2 weeks of the occurrence. For any claims outside of this timeframe please contact the notebook program team at

Or, if you already have an account, via the Acer e-support portalExternal Link to submit the claim.

For further help or advice

Please email

The email title should read: 'Acer Claim Submission – Help Needed'.

Includes information outlining the steps school staff must take to submit a claim with Acer

Reviewed 23 January 2023

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