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Warranty and protection overview

The warranty and notebook protection guidance chapter gives information about warranty and protection cover. Topics covered on this page include:

  • warranty
  • warranty claims
  • notebook bag warranty claims
  • accidental damage, lost and stolen notebook protection claim guidance.

Further chapters give guidance on:


All program-provisioned notebooks are covered under a 48-month warranty, provided by the notebook supplier. The warranty covers:

  • keyboard/speakers/microphone/webcam/track pad
  • defective display
  • defective hard drive
  • battery and charging failure
  • non-software errors during start up and interfaces or ports not operating.

Warranty claims

Schools must log a warranty claim with the supplier as soon as an issue is found. Suppliers can be contacted on the numbers below:

Warranty services are provided onsite with an expected resolution within 3 business days.

Schools experiencing any issues with a warranty can contact the department’s notebook program team to escalate to the supplier – refer to the Policy tab for contact details.

Notebook bag warranty claims

Notebook bags are covered under a warranty provided by the supplier.

To log a warranty claim relating to a notebook bag, contact the supplier on the details below:

Contact EVERKI – Limited Lifetime WarrantyExternal Link

Accidental damage, lost and stolen notebook protection claim guidance

All program-provisioned notebooks are insured for their 48-month life cycle. Below are the parameters of the insurance provided.



Protection duration

48 months


  • Accidental damage
  • Accidental loss
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Flood

Number of claims per 48-month life-cycle


Maximum aggregate of claims (Acer program only)

$2,500 over the 48-month life-cycle

Please note: program-provisioned notebook are not permitted to be taken outside of Australia. Any damage or loss incurred overseas will not be covered and the school is required to cover the cost of the repair or replacement of the notebook.

Notebook protection claims

Schools must log a protection claim as soon as the loss or damage is known. Please contact the notebook program team if the date is later than 2 weeks from the loss or theft. The program’s protection process differs based on the model experiencing damage or loss, as below:

Notebook protection exclusions

Protection for your Acer or VCE Apple notebook excludes physical loss, destruction of or damage to the notebook caused by:

  • insects and vermin, atmosphere, wear and tear, design error, warrantable defects
  • spontaneous combustion
  • fraudulent or dishonest act
  • theft from unlocked motor vehicle
  • theft without forced entry
  • theft/disappearance of notebook after being left unattended in a public place.

If these apply, your claim will mostly likely be denied and your school will be required to replace or repair the notebook.

Extra costs for schools

Provided that claims remain within the protection parameters, there is a zero protection excess.

However, schools are liable for the following costs:

  • any procedural costs not covered by the existing protection policy, for example, police reportsExternal Link
  • repair or replacement of a notebook if the claim is outside the protection parameters.


Except where a notebook has been lost or stolen, accessories are not covered by protection. That means that if an accessory, such as a charger, is lost or damaged, the school will need to repair or replace it.

Desktop Experience Kits

The supply of a desktop experience kit (integrated display dock, keyboard, and mouse) is a one-time offering from the program and will not be continued past the initial provision of this equipment.


The monitors are covered by a 4-year onsite exchange warranty should there be a manufacturing failure i.e. cannot power on, no display (this excludes physical or liquid damage).

Schools must log a warranty claim with the supplier as soon as an issue is found. The supplier can be contacted on the details below:


The desktop experience kits are a one-off provision for schools, they are not covered under insurance. The school is responsible to replace or repair the damaged desktop experience kits.

Guidance chapter outlining the warranty and insurance arrangements for Program-provisioned notebooks

Reviewed 18 July 2023

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