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Repeating a Year Level

previously called Year Level Movement


The purpose of this policy is to explain the department’s policy on students repeating a year level.


Schools should regularly promote students to the next year level with their peer group. Schools use their professional expertise and judgment in relation to these matters.

Students are retained only in exceptional circumstances where a school considers it is required for the long-term benefit of the student, for example, considering their social, welfare and academic needs. Schools must ensure that parents/carers are fully advised of the options that the school considers to best meet individual student needs. Students however should not be retained without the consent of parents/carers.

Schools should avoid practices and policies that have the effect of restricting admission.


For support with specific queries relating to students repeating a year level, schools may contact the relevant senior education improvement leader in the applicable regional office. For regional office contact details refer to Office locationsExternal Link .

For general queries or feedback from department staff about this Repeating a Year Level Policy please contact the department’s Partnerships and Priority Cohorts Branch on:

Department policy on students repeating a year level

Reviewed 30 November 2022

Policy last updated

29 October 2021


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