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School and Campus Naming

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This policy sets out the process and requirements for naming a school or a school campus.


  • The Department’s naming processes must be followed for naming both schools and school campuses.
  • School names must reflect the key principles under the Naming rules for places in Victoria — Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities 2016 (naming rules), outlined briefly in the Quick guide for schools
  • Appropriate naming is essential to identify locations for managing emergencies and delivering goods and services.
  • The Minister for Education as the naming authority approves all school and campus names.


Schools are required to consider Indigenous names and consult with Traditional Owners for all school and campus naming and re-naming activities.

School naming

Naming new and merging schools

Department staff (school or corporate) responsible for conducting naming activities for new and merging schools must, in the first instance, contact the School Operations and Governance Unit (SOGU), Schools and Statewide Services Division, for advice, by email:

Unless otherwise advised by SOGU the naming process for new and merging schools will follow the same steps as for schools that are considering a name change — see below.

Changing a school name

When considering changing a school name, schools must follow the Department's school naming process, outlined on the Guidance tab, including that names:

Naming process

The naming process includes several stages and may take considerable time to complete. Department staff (school or corporate) must allow enough time to undertake the process, taking into account the comprehensive consultation process required and the operational matters schools must finalise such as organising branding and uniforms.  

Refer to the Guidance tab for full details on the steps required in the naming process.

Final approval for a school name is granted by the Minister for Education.

Campus naming

Schools wishing to name or re-name a campus must first contact SOGU for naming advice at

Once a school has selected a proposed name, the principal must seek endorsement from the relevant regional director with the Minister for Education having final approval of school campus names.

See Guidance tab for full details on the steps required in the campus naming process.

Relevant legislation

Department policy on the process for naming or renaming a school or a school campus

Reviewed 27 April 2021

Policy last updated

10 March 2021


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