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Performance and Development for Principal Class Employees

Alternative Performance and Development Processes for 2021 and 2022

The performance and development processes in 2021 and 2022 provides the opportunity for principal class employees to choose to undertake the standard Performance and Development Plan (PDP) process or an alternative Statement of Expectation process. For more information please refer to the 2021 Statement of Expectation and 2022 Statement of Expectation within the Policy and Guidelines tab of this topic.



The performance and development arrangements for employees are designed to:

  • support the school in meeting its responsibilities to students, parents and to government through linking employee performance with achievement of school and government policies and targets
  • provide feedback on performance which will support ongoing learning and development of employees with a focus on ways in which student learning can be improved
  • enhance the capacity of employees in promotion positions to apply the leadership and management competencies required in their positions
  • recognise effective performance through salary progression
  • provide a supportive environment for improving performance where the required standards are not met

To access performance and development arrangements for the principal class, refer to the Policy and Guidelines tab. 

The performance and development policy and guidelines for teacher class employees and education support class employees are listed separately. Refer to:  

For information regarding the annual progression cycle, refer to Remuneration — Teaching Service.

Performance and development approach

The performance and development approach provides consistent processes and language to support performance and development in Victorian government schools.

Performance and Development Guidelines

The Performance and Development Guidelines contain the policy and guidance for school professional development. They include a number of important pieces of information including:

  • an overview of the stages in the performance and development cycle
  • valuable information to help develop effective and constructive goals
  • information on planning for formal feedback conversations

The Performance and Development Guidelines are available on the Policy and Guidelines tab for each separate employment class topic and should be viewed first whenever you have a question about the performance and development process.

Performance and development cycle stages

Performance and Development Plans (PDPs) are a key element of the approach, aligned to the performance and development cycle, which includes 3 key stages:

Performance and Development for Principal Class Employees Overview

Reviewed 19 October 2021

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19 October 2021


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