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The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes, whole school planning and the Annual Implementation Plan

Schools can improve student outcomes by focusing effort on the high-impact improvement initiatives outlined in the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) improvement model. The school’s Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) aligned to the school’s 4 year strategic plan, elaborates on, and makes explicit, how the school’s chosen initiatives, goals, targets and key improvement strategies will be implemented, monitored and evaluated each year.

Annual implementation planning creates clarity and purpose for all members of the school community. Schools articulate the changes they want to see and define the evidence they expect to see if their plan is successful. The AIP provides guidance for specific approaches which may support the development of each staff member by connecting whole of school improvement strategies to the individual roles and responsibilities of staff in the school. It outlines mechanisms and routines to monitor actions, impacts are measured and issues identified. This can provide solid evidence for evaluation which may lead to changes in how the outcomes of the AIP are achieved.

Schools develop the AIP in partnership with school staff, Senior Education Improvement or Education Improvement Leaders (SEILs or EILs) and school councils. Together, they consider the needs of students and allocate resources (such as human and financial) available through the Student Resource Package (SRP) to address those needs. Shared responsibility, partnerships and transparency are key principles that support quality planning and improved student outcomes.

The Framework for Improving Student Outcome, whole school planning and the AIP for Performance and Development for Principal Class Employees

Reviewed 05 February 2024

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