Online Performance and Development Plan

In 2017, the Department implemented the online Performance and Development Plan (PDP) system. The system includes:

  • the functionality to track PDP discussions held through the year
  • a stronger connection to professional standards, school strategic plans and annual implementation plans
  • the ability for an employee to attach documents in the evidence section at any point in the cycle
  • information security to ensure the PDP remains private between the staff member and their reviewer
  • the ability for a staff member to maintain their PDP if they move schools during the cycle

All school staff complete their PDPs using the Department's online system, unless a school has an existing contractual arrangement in place.

The Department will only use performance and development data at the aggregate not at the school level and as such, data contained in an individual employee’s PDP will not be used beyond the school.

Support and resources to assist with the use of the online PDP can be accessed at Online PDP Support and ResourcesExternal Link .

Online PDP for Performance and Development for Principal Class Employees

Reviewed 05 February 2024

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