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Performance and Development for Principal Class Employees

2024 Statement of Expectation for Principal Class Employees

Principal class employees can again choose to undertake either the Statement of Expectation (SoE) or the standard Performance and Development Plan (PDP) process to meet performance and development requirements. As previously, principals selecting the SoE process are not required to complete any routine documentation or monitoring in eduPay.

This year, following feedback from principals, the SoE is aligned to the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP), and is also aligned with the department’s values.

Statement of Expectation for Principals

The expectation is that:

  • Principals will lead the development and implementation of AIP.
  • Principals will act with integrity and in accordance with the ValuesExternal Link .

At the start of the cycle

Principals indicate to their Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL) whether they will undertake the 2024 SoE or the standard PDP process, at any time prior to 30 April 2024.

Principals discuss with their SEIL how they will lead the implementation of their school’s AIP together with their professional development / career goals and aspirations.

Throughout the year

Principals and their SEIL meet regularly throughout the year.

Where there is a concern that a principal is not making an appropriate contribution to meet the SoE, this concern should be raised with the principal in writing at the time the concern becomes apparent, and provided in writing along with proposed improvement supports.

At the end of the cycle

At the end of semester 2, principals, with their SEIL, will reflect on and be acknowledged for their leadership practice, learning, growth and contribution to the SoE.

It is assumed that principals who opt-in to this process will meet the SoE, in which case no action is required in eduPay.

Chapter setting out the 2024 Statement of Expectation for principal class employees.

Reviewed 27 February 2024

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