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Performance and Development for Principal Class Employees

Performance and development and the Annual Implementation Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) outlines activities and milestones that individuals or groups of staff will undertake and sets expectations for their impact on the knowledge, skills and mindsets of staff and students. The School Strategic Plan (SSP) outlines school improvement strategies for the next 4 years. Both the SSP and AIP should inform the principal’s Performance and Development Plan (PDP) as well as the PDPs of staff.

In general, activities and milestones in the AIP are task-oriented, such as attending or implementing professional learning, and are linked to a specific role within the school (for example, principal, assistant principal, leading teacher, key learning area leader, professional learning team leader, teachers, or education support staff). Staff PDPs should link to their activities and milestones, which will ensure a line of sight from school improvement priorities to each individual.

Appropriate links between the SSP, the AIP and all teacher PDPs ensures that each school harnesses the efforts of all of its staff towards the shared goal of school improvement, and that each person understands their role in working towards the priorities.

For more information, please refer to Annual Implementation Planning.

Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link should be used to complete annual implementation planning.

Performance and Development and the Annual Implementation Plan for Principal Class Employees

Reviewed 05 February 2024

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