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Performance and Development for Education Support Class Employees

Alternative Performance and Development Processes for 2021 and 2022

The performance and development processes in 2021 and 2022 provides the opportunity for education support class employees to choose to undertake the standard Performance and Development Plan (PDP) process or an alternative Statement of Expectation process. For more information please refer to the 2021 Statement of Expectation and 2022 Statement of Expectation within the Policy and Guidelines tab of this topic.



This policy sets out the requirement for education support class employees to develop a Performance and Development Plan (PDP).

  • All employees must have an agreed Performance and Development Plan (PDP) to cover the school year.
  • All employees will be assessed annually based on demonstrated achievement against school priorities, and progress through salary scales will be based on their performance and development assessment
  • The Performance and Development Guidelines are available under the Policy and Guidelines tab on this site.


Under the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017, employees are committed to performance and development processes that recognise and affirm high performance, address underperformance and value continuous high quality professional learning.

Employees must have an agreed PDP to cover the school year.

Education support employees must set four goals, comprising one for each of the three Domains of Education Support Practice (Knowledge, Practice, Engagement), in addition to one outcomes-focused goal about how education support employees are contributing to the School Strategic Plan or Annual Implementation Plan.

Salary progression is not automatic. Performance will be assessed annually against school priorities and Departmental criteria appropriate to the employee’s classification level and remuneration or salary range.

Employees who progress through their respective salary scales will be determined solely on their performance and development assessment.

The PDP Guidelines provide further detailed information to support employees to develop and reflect on their performance and development.

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Overview of Performance and Development for Education Support Class Employees

Reviewed 19 October 2021

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19 October 2021


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