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Business Manager Professional Learning Suite

The Business Manager Professional Learning Suite is a self-paced professional learning package that supports business managers to develop the essential skills and capabilities identified in the Business Manager Capability Framework (the Framework). The Framework supports business managers to be effective in their role and broaden their knowledge and application of the department's values, policies and procedures.

The Framework covers 3 broad areas:

  • Technical skills (finance and procurement, governance acumen, operational acumen, resource coordination, risk management)
  • People skills (stakeholder engagement, relationship building, supportive leadership, communicating with others, teamwork)
  • Self-mastery (ethics and values, problem solving, flexibility, organising and planning, resilience).

About the program

The program consists of ten self-paced guided handbooks that:

  • provide professional development to business managers focussing on the skills and capabilities in the Business Manager Capability Framework
  • can be accessed at no cost to participants or schools.

Access the program

All business managers are able to access the Professional Learning Suite (@education login required). Click on the handbook titles below and follow the password prompts to download each handbook.

What the program covers

Handbook 1: Develop and use emotional intelligenceExternal Link

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Identifying emotions
  • Managing your emotions
  • Relationship management and social skills

Handbook 2: Promote team innovationExternal Link

  • What is innovation?
  • Identifying and prioritising improvement
  • Innovation improvement and problem solving
  • Driving innovation by motivating

Handbook 3: Introduction to project managementExternal Link

  • Introducing project management and PRINCE2
  • Initiating a project using PRINCE2
  • Planning using PRINCE2
  • Managing the project using PRINCE2

Handbook 4: Introduction to risk managementExternal Link

  • Risk management
  • Risk analysis, evaluation and treatment
  • Communication, consultation, monitoring and review
  • Risk register

Handbook 5: Implement and monitor Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies, procedures and programsExternal Link

  • Overview of OHS
  • OHS regulations
  • Key OHS areas
  • Training and consultation

Handbook 6: Operating within the Department's compliance frameworkExternal Link

  • Overview of compliance frameworks
  • Areas of compliance
  • Privacy compliance in schools
  • Access and/or analyse information on changes in compliance

Handbook 7: Lead effective workplace relationsExternal Link

  • Communicating effectively
  • Legislative and organisational context
  • Building trust
  • Managing workplace conflict

Handbook 8: Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staffExternal Link

  • Legislative and organisational context
  • Recruitment
  • Selection process
  • Induction

Handbook 9: Report on Financial ActivityExternal Link

  • Introduction to financial reporting
  • Use conversion and consolidation procedures
  • Make, record and disclose asset and liability valuations
  • Identify and address discrepancies
  • Prepare statutory requirements reports
  • Provide financial business recommendations

Handbook 10: Coordinate school business resourcesExternal Link

  • Business resources and the procurement process
  • Procurement principles
  • Acquire and allocate resources
  • Monitor and report on resource allocation and usage


If you require any further information or support regarding the Business Manager Professional Learning Suite please email

Business Manager Professional Learning Suite online training (self-paced).

Reviewed 02 May 2024

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