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Alignment with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) is an evidence-based framework that is designed to deliver continuous school and system improvement by supporting schools to focus their efforts on areas known to have the greatest impact on improving student outcomes. As the foundation for school strategic and annual planning, the FISO has strong links to the Department’s performance and development approach, as the learning needs of students articulated in the SSP and AIP informs the PDP goals of school employees which are monitored and appraised throughout the performance and development cycle.

Case Study: A focus on outcomes

Brett Coad, Business Manager, Kurnai College

Winner of the 2017 Outstanding School Business Manager as a part of the Victorian Excellence in Education Awards

Following his 2017 Outstanding Business Manager award as a part of the Victorian Excellence Awards, Brett wanted to maximise on how he could benefit his whole school community.

'Though the role of Business Manager is separate to the work happening in the classroom, we all have the same goal — to better our students and their outcomes. That’s why it was essential for me to use the grant wisely to support Kurnai College.'

Brett divided the grant from his award into two parts. The first involved engaging literacy expert Dr Carol Christensen to develop and implement the pilot of TR@K (Targeted Reading at Kurnai) — a literacy intervention program.

'It was incredible seeing results happen so quickly, students developing their literacy abilities that will support their learning and lives forever.'

Following the success of TR@K, Brett extended his sights on how he could help beyond his school gates to the wider South-Eastern region.

He decided to share his wealth of knowledge on systems and strategies that improve a school’s financial position — visiting 22 schools across his region. His efforts strengthened the collaborative culture of schools in the region.

'It has been personally and professionally rewarding to have the additional time to help support student outcomes at the local school level and engage with the wider education community.'

Guidance chapter on Alignment with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

Reviewed 15 October 2021

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