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Performance and Development for Education Support Class Employees

2022 Statement of Expectation for Education Support Class Employees

The performance and development process in 2022 provides the opportunity for education support class employees to choose to undertake the standard Performance and Development Plan (PDP) process or an alternative Statement of Expectation. Staff selecting the Statement of Expectation process are not required to complete any routine documentation or monitoring in eduPay.

The 2022 Statement of Expectation for education support class employees is aligned to the key improvement strategies of learning and wellbeing. There is diversity and breadth in education support roles, and education support class employees are encouraged to consider how they contribute to these areas as appropriate to their role and setting. Owing to this breadth and diversity in education support roles, the application of the Statement of Expectation may focus on one or more aspects of each area below as appropriate.

1. Learning

Education support class employees contribute to or support, as appropriate to their role, the delivery of teaching, learning and assessment programs and resources. This will support school leaders and teachers to support student learning growth through the ongoing acquisition of knowledge, skills and capabilities defined by the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and senior secondary qualifications.

2. Wellbeing

Education support class employees collaborate with other school staff, as appropriate to their role, to support the planning and/or delivery of supports to strengthen student wellbeing. Education support class employees, as appropriate to their role, contribute to strengthening positive partnerships with parents, carers and other individuals and groups to support students’ participation in and sense of belonging in the school community. This will support school leaders and teachers to enable students to develop the capabilities necessary to thrive, contribute and respond positively to the challenges and opportunities of life.

At the start of the cycle

  • Education support staff indicate to their reviewer if they will undertake the standard PDP process or the 2022 Statement of Expectation process, at any time prior to 30 April 2022
  • Education support staff discuss how their contributions align with the 2022 Statement of Expectation

Throughout the year

  • The education support staff member and reviewer meet regularly throughout the year
  • Where there is a concern that an employee is not making an appropriate contribution to meet the Statement of Expectation this concern should be raised with the employee at the time the concern becomes apparent and no later than 1 September 2022 and provided in writing along with proposed improvement supports

At the end of the cycle

  • At the end of semester 2, education support staff will reflect on and be acknowledged for their learning, growth and contribution to the Statement of Expectation with their reviewers
  • It is assumed that education support class employees who opt-in to this process will meet the Statement of Expectation, in which case no action is required in eduPay

2022 Statement of Expectation – frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions have been developed to support school staff to implement the 2022 Statement of Expectation.

Chapter setting out the 2022 Statement of Expectation for education support class employees

Reviewed 19 October 2021

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