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The department is committed to building diverse and inclusive workplaces and developing workplace cultures that are safe and accessible, build respect, foster inclusiveness, promote diversity and embrace the unique skills and qualities of all our employees.

All applicants and employees, including those with disability, must be treated respectfully and equitably in all stages of the employment process including:

  • recruitment and selection
  • professional development and training
  • performance management
  • promotion or transfer.

The department understands that there are a range of factors that impact on people’s employment, and for some people with a disability, a workplace reasonable adjustments may be required to assist them at work. Reasonable adjustments are provided in department workplaces where required.

All employees, managers and school leaders should be aware of their rights and responsibilities to ensure that these are upheld. You can learn more about this, the relevant legislation and department policy from the Policy and Guidelines tab.

Disability Action Plan

The department commits to supporting people with a disability to live satisfying everyday lives. The department's Disability Action Plan 2018 to 2021 describes what the department would do over the life of the plan to support the Victorian Government’s vision for an inclusive Victoria, and to ensure that students and employees are supported to reach their potential.

The Disability Action Plan can be found in the Resources tab.

The department is developing its next Disability Action Plan in 2023.

Disability Employment Plan

The department's Disability Employment Plan 2019 to 2022 set out the department's commitment to boosting employment opportunities and career experiences for people with disability. It included a range of actions that set stronger foundations through policy, procedures and processes that removed barriers and ensured increased inclusion across our workplaces.

The Disability Employment Plan 2019 to 2022 can be found in the Resources tab.

The department is developing its next Disability Employment Plan in 2023.

Inclusive workplaces guide

The Inclusive Workplace Guide supports the implementation of the department's Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination Policy, bringing together available resources to assist principals/managers and employees to create inclusive and respectful workplaces.

This guide has been developed to assist everyone at department workplaces to support employees with diverse and intersecting identities. It gives practical tips to implement best practice in diversity and inclusion across teams, and to support staff to bring their whole selves to work. Each area of the guide explains what discrimination looks like and actions to foster inclusion. It has a specific section dedicated to building inclusive workplaces for staff with disability. There are also links to further resources and department policies.

The inclusive workplaces guide can be found in the Resources tab.

Personal emergency evacuation plan

A personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) is a tool to assist employees should they wish to complete one. It is a practical measure to ensure appropriate actions are taken for the individual in an emergency, where an employee requires additional or specific assistance to evacuate the building. The customised document provides the framework for the planning and provision of emergency evacuation of a person with a disability requiring assistance. Developing a PEEP is not mandatory and is developed by the employee if they wish.

The plan will outline a specific procedure to be followed in the event of an evacuation and will also state the designated person(s) to assist in the evacuation. The employee will lead the development of the PEEP in consultation with their manager and the Chief or Floor Warden (where applicable). A copy of the PEEP should only be provided to the Warden and the employees buddy/designated person(s) to assist in the evacuation.

The Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan template can be found it the Resources tab.

Relevant Legislation

Overview of HR topic on reasonable adjustments and employees with disability. Also includes recruitment

Reviewed 18 August 2023

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18 August 2023


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