The Inclusive Workplaces Guide has been developed to assist everyone at department workplaces to support employees with diverse and intersecting identities. It gives practical tips to implement best practice in diversity and inclusion across teams, and to support staff to bring their whole selves to work.

The Inclusive Workplace Guide supports and aids the implementation of the Department of Education's (the department’s) Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination Policy, bringing together available resources to assist principals/managers and employees to create inclusive and respectful workplaces.

The guide is designed so that you can read it as a whole to make your work environment more inclusive or, once reading the introductory section on equal opportunity and general discrimination, focus in on particular areas. Each area of the guide goes into depth about what discrimination looks like and easy actions that can be taken to foster inclusion. There are also links to further resources and department policies

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Reviewed 17 May 2024

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17 May 2024


  • Schools
  • All Department staff


Workforce Diversity and Inclusion People Division

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