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Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Management in Schools

4. COVID-19 employee health, safety and wellbeing supports for schools

The latest COVID-19 advice for schools is available at: COVID-19 advice for schoolsExternal Link .

COVID-19 Safety Management Plan (COVIDSafe Plan)

The COVID-19 Safety Management Plan (DOCX)External Link (COVIDSafe Plan) applies to all schools and outlines the key OHS risks and links to the latest guidance. All schools must have a copy of this plan available at their school. This document in conjunction with the COVID-19 – School Operations Advice sets out the approach for managing safety risks in schools in accordance with the minimum requirements for the COVIDSafe Plans.

The department’s OHS Advisory Service ( or local Regional OHS support officers can assist in tailoring the plan to individual school needs. Principals must consult with their staff through local health and safety representatives (HSRs) and health and safety committees (if applicable) or via staff meetings to implement the health and safety guidance to the extent reasonably practicable, and escalate unresolved issues via eduSafe PlusExternal Link (staff login required), which is being proactively monitored by the department to provide support.

Managing the risk of COVID-19 in schools

Schools should continue to follow the advice outlined in the COVID-19 – School Operations Advice for managing the risk of COVID-19. Further guidance on providing a safe space for isolating unwell staff or studentsExternal Link (staff login required) is available on the department’s intranet.

COVID-19 Infection prevention and control training and information

All staff working on-site in schools are required to have completed the eLearn module School infection prevention and control during COVID-19External Link (staff login required). A parallel module is now also available on FUSEExternal Link for pre-service teachers, casual relief teachers and other staff working in schools who do not have eduPay access. Staff may complete the training again as a refresher, at any time.

COVIDSafe Assurance Program for Schools

The COVIDSafe Assurance Program for Schools provides COVID-19 support and monitoring to schools through risk based or reactive support that is available for all schools. The program involves trained OHS Support Officers providing remote or on-site support to any schools that are identified as needing support, or in response to requests for support to implement the COVIDSafe controls.

Schools can contact the department’s OHS Advisory Service ( or local Regional OHS support officers for onsite or remote support on COVIDSafe Assurance Program.

Other information and useful sources

Guidance chapter of the OHSMS containing information on COVID-19 employee health, safety and wellbeing supports for schools, including information on COVID Safe Plans for government schools

Reviewed 20 January 2023

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