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Health, safety and wellbeing hazard alerts

The alerts listed on this page provide information on serious incidents or current health or safety issues in schools. They include guidance on appropriate procedures, practices and controls that should be implemented to manage the hazard.

In addition to placing current alerts on this page, the department will communicate any new hazard alert relevant to schools through a School Update article or direct email (if the alert relates to a small number of schools).

If the hazard is applicable to your school, the relevant alert must be printed off and posted on the health and safety notice board and/or in the relevant location or area.

Latest hazard alerts


News and updates

COVID-19 supports for employee health, safety and wellbeing

Resources page containing supporting resources and links for this topic including a signed copy of the Department's Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy for display on the school's OHS noticeboard

Reviewed 14 June 2024

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