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Reporting Student Achievement and Progress Foundation to 10


The following resources are provided to assist schools to report student achievement and progress across Foundation to Year 10 to parents/carers, the Department and the school community.  

Reporting to Parents and Carers

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) provide guidelines and advice on the minimum requirements for reporting student achievement and progress to parents and carers:

Collection of information and advice on reporting to parents/carers and the Department:

Reporting advice relating to students with disabilities and additional learning needs with personalised learning and support planning:

An example of student report format: 

Tips to assist teachers to write clear, easy to understand and informative reports:

Checklist designed to help teachers review the comments they have written to ensure they are communicating the right type of information in an appropriate way:

Information and resources to support the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 including whole-school curriculum planning, assessment and reporting:

To support the development of indicative progress descriptions, VCAA has provided:

  • VCAA Curriculum area advice
    • indicative progress templates
    • annotated indicative progress examples, and
    • student work samples for specific curriculum areas 

Example of reporting achievement and progress along a continuum:

Information and examples of student reporting using five-point scales (including examples relating to EAL students):

A lookup matrix which may be useful for determining an A-E rating or equivalent scale for English, mathematics and science. The use of the lookup matrix is only effective for reporting at age-expected levels.

Reporting to the Department

Schools should contact the service desk prior to the end of the year if they have data-entry concerns:

Self service: Services Portal ( staff login required)
Phone: 1800 641 943

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Reviewed 05 September 2021

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