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Reporting to parents and carers – students with disability and/or additional needs

Schools are required to report on the achievement of all students with disability and/or additional needs, but have considerable flexibility in determining how they do so.

In most cases, reports will provide teacher judgements, an indication of progress since curriculum areas were last reported on, and 5-point scales.

In rare instances – agreed in partnership with the individual student and their parents/carers – progress against the student’s individual education plan learning goals for the curriculum area(s) taught may be used. This alternative to a full report should only be used where a student makes minimal progress against the achievement standards in a reporting period.

Teacher judgements

Teacher judgements for students with disability and/or additional needs are based on evidence collected through the reporting period. Student learning evidence can include student work samples, observations notes, portfolios, parent/student/teacher conferences, student self-assessments. Achievement for a student with disability and/or additional needs can be reported anywhere on the learning continuum between Level A to Level 11.

Progress for students with disability and/or additional needs may be reported in a way that best suits the individual student, either as a graphical representation or worded description. For example, where a student has not made progress from one curriculum level to the next, a comment describing progress within a single curriculum level may be more suitable.

Five-point scale

Schools, in consultation with their school community, may decide an age-related 5-point scale is not appropriate to use for students with disability and/or additional needs. In these circumstances, schools may use another kind of 5-point scale (for example, a scale developed around learning goals or learning dimensions) for each curriculum area taught during the reporting period.

Further information

For further reporting advice relating to students with disabilities and additional needs, refer to VCAA Students with Disabilities Guidelines (PDF)External Link .

Guidance chapter providing information on reporting on the achievement of students with a disability and additional learning needs

Reviewed 15 March 2022

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