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Reporting Student Achievement and Progress Foundation to 10

Reporting to the department

Schools are required to upload achievement data (teacher judgements) to the department twice yearly.

Achievement data is reported in the Annual Report to the school community. This data is extracted by the department and pre-populated into the Annual Report template. Schools can view the data they have uploaded via CASES21 in the School Information Portal.

Student reporting software packages provided by commercial suppliers enable schools to report on student achievement against the Victorian Curriculum F–10 achievement standards, as reflected in the school's teaching and learning plan.

The reporting software must include certain functional specifications in order to meet the minimum mandatory requirements for:

  • reporting student achievement to the department
  • producing student reports for parents and carers.

Software packages enable customisation of report formats to suit schools’ and individual students' needs. Schools are advised to contact their reporting software vendors to discuss their school’s needs.

Using software from a commercial supplier is not mandatory. Schools may elect to develop their own version for importing the data into CASES21.

Schools with very small student enrolments, including special developmental schools, can manually enter achievement data into CASES21 for reporting to the department. This process is not able to be used to generate student reports for reporting to parents and carers. Information on the direct entry method is found in the annual CASES21 administration user guide.

A step-by-step process for preparing student achievement data and sending summary results to the department is provided in the CASES21 administrative guide, chapter 23, student achievement (PDF)External Link (staff login required).

Schools should contact the service desk prior to the end of the semester if they have data-entry concerns.

Self service: Services PortalExternal Link (staff login required)
Phone: 1800 641 943

Guidance chapter on reporting student achievement data to the Department

Reviewed 21 March 2024

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