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Involving students in assessment and reporting processes

Involving students in the assessment and reporting processes is critical so that students:

  • understand their current performance
  • monitor their progress, and
  • know what to do next to improve their learning

Quality student assessment underpins and forms the foundation upon which quality reporting can occur. Assessments embedded in the teaching and learning cycle inform the information provided to parents, carers and students in their reports.

An important process of involving students is through giving and receiving feedback. Providing effective feedback is:

  • a key element of the incremental process of ongoing learning and assessment
  • a significant means of improving achievement in learning

Effective feedback is a two-way process that supports progress in learning and understanding about where the learners are on the learning continuum. It is:

  • timely
  • clear
  • focuses on improvement strategies, and
  • encourages reflection

Feedback can be from:

  • the teacher to student
  • student to teacher, or
  • peers

Student reporting is one type of feedback.

Giving and receiving feedback as part of the reporting process means that the students have:

  • a clear picture of progress made to date
  • an understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement
  • the capacity to set individual learning goals and targets to achieve further improvement

For information on feedback and reporting, refer to VCAA feedback and reportingExternal Link .

Guidance chapter on the importance of involving students in assessment and reporting processes

Reviewed 09 July 2020

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