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Reporting Student Achievement and Progress Foundation to 10

Records management

Student reports must be kept for identified time periods.

Schools are required to create, manage and dispose of electronic and hardcopy public records — for example, student records, in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973 (Vic).

Schools should have a system for managing their electronic and hardcopy records to ensure the:

  • authenticity
  • security
  • reliability, and
  • accessibility of these records

Where public records are stored with an online service — for example: 

  • services that provide virtual spaces, and
  • portals through which
    • information can be stored and shared, and
    • transactions between schools and parents/carers can be recorded, for example, cloud technologies

a school must be able to access those records during the retention period.

Student reports must be kept for the following time periods:

  • Prep to Year 8 (all reports): 6 years after student departure
  • Year 9 to 12 reports — excluding final report: 30 years after student departure
  • Year 9 to 12 reports — final report: A permanent record — must be kept in the school until a transfer to the Public Record Office Victoria is arranged by the Department

For further information on records management in schools, refer to Records Management — School Records.

Guidance chapter outlining record keeping requirements for student reports

Reviewed 26 May 2020

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