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Student Resource Package – Targeted Initiatives


This policy provides information about how funding is allocated to schools through the Student Resource Package (SRP) for targeted initiatives.


Funding for ‘targeted initiatives’ is one of 3 categories of funding provided for by the SRP.

The targeted initiatives component provides funding for programs with specific targeted criteria and/or defined life spans. The Guidance tab provides information about the following specific types of targeted initiative funding:

Schools are expected to use SRP funds for the purpose for which it was allocated.

For more general information on the SRP, please refer to the Student Resource Package – Overview page.


Primary Welfare Officer
David Billimoria
Phone: 03 7022 1324

Senior Secondary Re-engagement
Deborah Maher
Phone: 03 7022 1905

Career Education Funding
Leela Darvall
Phone: 03 7022 1824

Clare Sherman
Phone: 03 7022 0923

Doctors in Secondary schools
Karen Gray
Phone: 03 7022 0631

Swimming in Schools
Statewide Swimming Coordinator
Phone: 03 4334 0523

David Billimoria
Phone: 03 7022 1324

For information on how Victorian government schools can implement chaplaincy services not funded through the National School Chaplaincy Program, refer to the department’s Chaplaincy Policy.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
Kate Brady
Phone: 03 7022 2707

Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists
Scott Ware
Phone: 03 7022 0453

Head Start

Respectful Relationships

Department policy for schools on the allocation of SRP funds for targeted initiatives

Reviewed 27 March 2024

Policy last updated

27 March 2024


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