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Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives

Tutor Learning Initiative (Reference 129)

The Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) is designed to provide additional targeted small group learning support to students who need it most. For further information on the TLI, refer to the department's policy on the Tutor Learning Initiative.


All government schools, except ‘Camp’ school types are eligible for TLI funding in 2023, including:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Primary/Secondary
  • Specialist
  • Language.


Schools do not have to apply for TLI funding. Funding will be provided directly to schools as a specific purpose payment through a Student Resource Package (SRP) credit allocation.

Schools are required to spend and acquit the TLI allocation during the 2023 calendar year (including any unspent 2022 TLI funding).

Schools must use their funding for the provision of the TLI, which is to provide targeted teaching by a tutor to students identified as needing the most support, such as those who are falling behind or are below national minimum standards in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).

Schools will be advised of their TLI funding in the Indicative SRP in September 2022. Schools will subsequently receive a letter in Term 4 2022 detailing the equivalent FTE and number of students this is expected to support, and their expected 2022 SRP credit surplus contribution where applicable.

Enrolments collected during the February 2023 census will be used to finalise the 2023 TLI allocation to schools. Each school will receive a confirmed TLI allocation equal to or greater than the amount that was advised in September 2022.


Each eligible school campus will receive a base level allocation of $25,000 with additional loadings based on student enrolments and disadvantage.

For each eligible campus:

a) Primary schools

Provided if Primary enrolment > 0


Max of

[Floor 25K]


[Pri_total_enrol × Pri_enrol_rate + Pri_SD_enrol × Pri_SD_enrol_rate]

b) Secondary schools

Provided if Secondary enrolment > 0


Max of

[Floor 25K]


[Sec_total_enrol × Sec_enrol_rate + Sec_SD_enrol × Sec_SD_enrol_rate]

c) Schools with both primary and secondary enrolments

(a) + (b)


Primary year level (Prep to Year 6 including primary ungraded or age equivalents) per student rate: $157.98 (referenced as Pri_total_rate in calculation above).

Secondary (Year 7 to Year 12 including secondary ungraded or age equivalents) per student rate: $178.77 (referenced as Sec_total_rate in calculation above).

Primary and special eligible social disadvantage per student rate: $424.96 (referenced as Pri_SD_enrol_rate in calculation above).

Secondary social disadvantage per student rate: $480.88 (referenced as Sec_SD_enrol_rate in calculation above).

Accountability requirements

Schools are required to:

  • code tutors on eduPay using the 80026 code
  • record students receiving support through the TLI in CASES21 by the end of week 6 each term
  • utilise an approved template for tutors to record students’ learning goals and
  • complete implementation surveys.

In some cases, schools may also be invited to participate in interviews and focus groups as part of the TLI Evaluation.

Contact information

For further information contact your Student Achievement Manager, or

Reference 129 of the SRP Guide, providing information on the Tutor Learning Initiative

Reviewed 05 January 2023

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