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Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination (Reference 127)

Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination program funding assists schools with the coordination and delivery of vocational and applied learning programs, in particular, with Vocational Education and Training Delivered to School Students (VDSS), work-related learning, and the VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate.

The key objectives of Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination funding are to:

  • support schools with the administrative burden of delivering vocational and applied learning and
  • provide schools with additional support in coordinating the delivery of high-quality vocational and applied learning pathways.

For further information, refer to the department’s policy on Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination.


In 2023 and 2024, the following schools are eligible to receive funding for Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination funding:

  • any mainstream government schools with a senior secondary program (that is, with at least one student enrolment in a senior secondary certificate), and
  • any specialist schools with at least one senior secondary-aged student (that is, aged 15 years or above at the time of eligibility determination).

Please note:

  • English Language schools are not eligible
  • schools with multiple campuses are only paid once (to the administration or senior campus)
  • eligibility of all Victorian government schools will automatically be reviewed each year for the following funded year using provisional data; schools do not need to request an eligibility review for this funding.


Each eligible school will receive a flat amount equivalent to 0.3 FTE of an Education Support Staff salary at Level 1, Range 4-6, including superannuation and payroll tax. Funding is calculated at the Confirmed Cycle and is allocated through SRP cash funding on a termly basis.


2024 Indicative amount per annum per school = 0.3 of $125,394.54 = $37,618.36.

2024 Indicative amount per school per term = 0.25 of $37,618.36 = $9,404.59.

Further information

The funding is currently available for 2023 and 2024 only.

Further information about the functions that this funding can be used for and some examples of how the funding can be used are available at Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination.

To record expenditure against this funding, schools should activate a CASES21 code within the 8950-8999 range (Vocational Ed and Training) and add the title ‘JSP Coordination’.

Please note: when using the Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination funding to fund the employment of new staff in one or multiple schools, consideration must be made on the employment conditions of fixed-term and ongoing staff, and the implications for the school(s) with funding only given to the role for 1 or 2 years.

Contact information

Contact the Senior Secondary Pathways Reform Taskforce at

Information on Jobs, Skills and Pathways (JSP) coordination

Reviewed 06 June 2024


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