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VCE Revision Lectures (Reference 121)

The VCE Revision Lectures initiative recognises that VCE revision lectures are often out of reach for rural and regional students due to the additional travel and accommodation cost. This initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s investment of $82.8 million in rural and regional education to bridge the divide between country and metropolitan schools.

VCE Revision Lectures targeted funding supports government senior secondary rural and regional students access to VCE revision lectures across the state and in a range of subjects.


Schools are responsible for using the funding as per the school implementation guidelines (PDF)External Link (staff login required) provided by the department. Schools are required to complete an annual survey at the end of each calendar year. Schools will be notified via email about how to complete the survey.


This funding is only applicable to rural and regional government schools with senior secondary graded enrolments (Year 11 and Year 12). Schools do not have to apply for funding. Eligibility will be determined using data from the February school census.

This initiative defines rural and regional government schools as those in Local Government Areas (LGAs) outside of the metropolitan LGAs. Rural and regional LGAs are aligned with the following department Areas: Mallee, Loddon Campaspe, Central Highlands, Wimmera South-West, Barwon, Ovens Murray, Goulburn, Inner Gippsland and Outer Gippsland. The schools in these areas are eligible for the VCE Revision Lecture funding.

Rural and regional schools with the following campus types are eligible for VCE Revision Lecture funding at a campus level:

  • Secondary
  • Primary/Secondary Combined

Funding is calculated at the Indicative, Confirmed and Revised cycles. Funding is allocated through cash funding.

How funding is calculated

The funding formula considers the number of Year 11 and 12 enrolments and the school’s location, with those schools furthest from Melbourne and other major centres receiving a higher subsidy to account for the higher costs.

The funding is calculated using the percentage of Year 11 and 12 student enrolments, base student rate and location indexed funding. The percentages of Year 11 (15%) and Year 12 (30%) student enrolments are estimates of rural and regional students who will access VCE revision lectures. The base student rate may differ from year to year.

Rates – 2023

[(15% × Year 11 enrolments) × $160] + [(30% × Year 12 enrolments) × $815] + [Location index base $687.92 + (Location index × Senior secondary enrolments × Location index per student rate $108.87)]

Please note that while this formula is used to allocate funding to schools, schools have discretion regarding how they use the funding to support students studying VCE Units 3/4 to access VCE revision lectures.

Further information

For more information about the initiative contact

VCE Revision Lectures (Reference 121) - Guidance chapter for Department Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives policy

Reviewed 11 May 2023


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