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Early Years Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program (Reference 90)

Program description

The Early Years Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program (EYKLNP) is the Prep to Year 3 component of the Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program (KLNP) which supports improved literacy/numeracy outcomes for primary-aged Koorie students in Victorian government schools. The EYKLNP provides funding for Koorie students in Prep to Year 3 who are below expected levels in literacy/numeracy and to Koorie students in special development schools who are age-equivalent to the Prep to Year 3 cohort. Schools use EYKLNP funding to provide additional targeted assistance in literacy/numeracy to eligible students. Funding to schools is determined using student assessment data collected centrally during Term 1. Schools are informed of the program via the School Update at the start of Term 2 and can check their funding via the School Performance Reports websiteExternal Link (staff login required). Funding is guaranteed and paid via the revised Student Resource Package (SRP) in Term 3.


Funded schools are expected to commit to a program of targeted support for eligible Koorie students. Schools should use funds in line with the acceptable use policy outlined in the program guidelinesExternal Link (staff login required) and should acquit revenue and all expenditure relating to the EYKLNP against CASES21 sub-program 9623. For reporting purposes, schools should use the KLNP Literacy and Numeracy fields in CASES 21 to identify students who are receiving KLNP support. Schools should select ‘Y’ for students receiving support in either or both fields by week 6 of the Term in which support is provided and update the fields as necessary by week 6 of subsequent terms throughout the remainder of the year.

Eligibility and funding

EYKLNP funding is based on the number of Koorie students in Prep – Year 3 who are below expected levels in literacy or numeracy.

Schools do not have to apply for funding. Eligible Koorie students are identified using data collected centrally. In some cases, additional students may be eligible for variance funding, subject to evidence provided by schools. The Variance application process occurs in May each year. Schools are advised the opening and closing times of this Variance process in School Update during April.

Use of EYKLNP funding

EYKLNP funding is intended to support accelerated progress of eligible Koorie students in literacy/numeracy. The model of support will be determined by schools in consultation with students and families. Funds should be used to provide additional targeted support to identified students, for example by engaging additional personnel to:

  • work directly with the identified students individually or in groups
  • free the classroom teacher to work with the identified students
  • release an expert teacher from classroom duties to provide targeted support.

Personnel engaged to provide additional support need to demonstrate high-level skills in literacy and/or numeracy teaching and learning and be culturally sensitive to build trusting and productive working relationships with students and families.

Further information

For further enquiries, contact the coordinator at

Early Years Koorie Literacy and Numeracy Program (Reference 90) - Guidance chapter for Department Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives policy

Reviewed 30 June 2023


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