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NDIS Navigators (Reference 146)

In the 2023-24 State Budget the Victorian Government announced a $202.9 million package for students with disability. This included the introduction of NDIS Navigators in Victorian government specialist schools.

NDIS Navigators provide support to families and carers to help them to navigate and understand the NDIS, enabling them to get the most out of the supports available. They will also help schools, families and carers to understand the NDIS-education interface.

The NDIS Navigator initiative is funded for 4 years from 2023/2024. It will be progressively rolled out to all Victorian government specialist schools from July 2023 with all schools having NDIS Navigator funding by the end of 2025.

For further information on NDIS Navigators see: NDIS Navigators.


Victorian government specialist schools will be eligible for funding allocation.

As indicated in Table 1, the allocation model will be progressively rolled out to all Victorian government specialist schools from September 2023 over 3 tranches, with a full complement in place by the end of 2025.

Table 1: NDIS navigator workforce allocation, per school (proposed scale out)
2023 (Tranche 1)2024 (Tranches 1 and 2)2025 (Tranches 1, 2 and 3)2026
Workforce FTE15 FTE32 FTE49 FTE49 FTE
Number of schoolsApproximately 30Approximately 609797


The funding model consists of an FTE allocation based on school enrolments:

  • less than 42 students = 0.2 FTE
  • 42 to 185 students = 0.4 FTE
  • 186 to 300 students = 0.6 FTE
  • 301 to 400 students = 0.8 FTE
  • more than 400 students = 1.0 FTE

The model has fixed FTE allocation bands throughout the life of the initiative, from the first SRP allocation in 2023.

Multicampus threshold

Additional loading for very large schools (more than 450 enrolments) with more than 2 campuses will be applied.

Funding calculation

School FTE allocation (rounded to one decimal) × Midpoint of an Education Support, Level 1 Range 4, position including school SRP on-costs.

Reference 146 of the SRP Guide, providing information on NDIS Navigators

Reviewed 06 June 2024


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