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Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists Initiative (Reference 125)

As part of the 2022–23 Victorian State Budget, the government provided $17.1 million for the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists (PMSS) initiative. PMSS is a 2 year program designed to drive whole school change through, generally 2, teachers from a primary school training to become specialists in either science or mathematics.

The program provides high quality face to face and online professional learning across the 2 years, including:

  • development of the individual specialists’ learning and knowledge about the important and key concepts and pedagogies in mathematics/science learning
  • development of others – working with teachers at the school level to further develop their practice
  • development of whole school level improvements.


Each cohort of PMSS is subject to State Budget funding.

Schools are selected to be invited to participate in the initiative through school level data and consultation with regional executives.

All schools identified to be invited to participate are formally approved by the Minister for Education.

Schools for Cohort 7 of this initiative have already undertaken a selection process.

Schools must remain active in the professional learning and evaluation programs and allocate funds as set out in the Letter of Agreement.


Schools that are invited to participate in PMSS are provided funding via the Student Resource Package (SRP) to release each participating teacher 0.5 FTE for the 2 years to support their roles as specialists. Funding is calculated at the Confirmed and Revised budget cycles and provided through credit funding.


Allocation = number of participating teachers × 0.5 × level 2‐6 salary + school on‐costs

That is $66,339.50 per year for each participating teacher.

Further information


Reference 125 of the SRP Guide, providing information on the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists initiative

Reviewed 26 March 2024


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