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Primary Welfare (Reference 50)

The Primary Welfare Officer initiative is designed to enhance the capacity of schools to develop positive school cultures and to support students who are at risk of disengagement and not achieving their educational potential. The Primary Welfare Officer initiative extends work undertaken in government primary, P-12 and special schools with the greatest need in Victoria to promote a safe and supportive environment and enhance student outcomes.

Primary Welfare Officer allocations in the Student Resource Package (SRP) have been set for 2024. Schools do not have to apply for funding. Funding is provided to schools that have primary enrolments at the campus level. Funding is provided consistent with the 2011 Student Family Occupation density for the campus, equal to or greater than 0.4559.

Where a school’s campus enrolments increase additional per student funding will be provided. However, where enrolments decline no adjustment will be made. No adjustments are made for changes to the Student Family Occupation density.

From 2023, the Primary Welfare Officer program is transitioning to the Mental Health in Primary Schools (MHiPS) program. Schools will transition in line with the MHiPS implementation rollout schedule.

For schools that are transitioning MHiPS in 2024 or participated in the MHiPS pilot between 2020 and 2022, refer to Mental Health in Primary Schools (Reference 130) for funding allocations.


Schools with the following campus types are eligible for the Primary Welfare Funding at campus level:

  • Primary
  • Primary/Secondary Combined
  • Special
  • Language
  • Day Special
  • Disability
  • Special Development

Campuses of secondary schools are not eligible.

Camp/Outdoor schools are ineligible irrespective of their entity register classification.

Funding is calculated at the Indicative, Confirmed and Revised cycles. Funding is allocated through credit funding.

The following campuses are not funded for this allocation: Aurora School and Flying Fruit Fly Circus School.


The Primary Welfare Officer funding model in the SRP from 2012 consists of base funding and per student funding with a cap on the total funding available at each campus. The formula is as follows:

Base + ([School campus SFO − State-wide SFO threshold] × Student rate × enrolments)

Primary, Primary/Secondary and Language schools are funded on Primary enrolments.

Special schools are funded on Total enrolments.

Rates – 2024

  • SFO threshold: 0.4559
  • Base: $20,452
  • Per student rate: $1,303.98
  • Total funding per campus cap: $97,555

Further information

  • Primary Welfare Officer InitiativeExternal Link – provides general information about the Primary Welfare Officer Initiative
  • Student Engagement policy – provides advice, resources and strategies for schools on developing a Student Engagement Policy, promoting positive student behaviour, and responding to challenging behaviour. It provides resources that schools can access to support and improve student engagement
Reference 50 of the SRP Guide, providing information on primary welfare funding including rates

Reviewed 31 December 2023


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