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Inclusion Outreach Coaching Initiative (Reference 136)

Background and context

In 2021 the Department of Education (the department) announced a number of initiatives including the Inclusion Outreach Coaching (IOC) initiative, to support school workforces to build their capabilities in inclusive practices. These initiatives were part of a state wide Disability Inclusion Reform to support schools to ensure that students of all need feel welcomed and thrive.

The IOC initiative is being rolled out by area from 2021 to 2025 (refer to Disability Inclusion Funding and Support for further information) with an IOC coach being employed in ‘base’ registered specialist schools (base school) and ‘partnering’ with mainstream schools (partner school). IOC coaches are employed at a Learning Specialist classification (please see Leading Teachers and Learning Specialists for further information) to ensure they have the leadership experience and contextual understanding of schools to provide strategically coordinated capability building opportunities to mainstream schools, including whole-of-school training, in-class coaching and individual teacher support to build inclusive school cultures. IOCs do not work with individual students.

A regional workforce provides each coach with operational and strategic support and acts as the conduit between the coach and the base and partner schools; particularly in the recruitment of coaches in base schools and the facilitation of the coaches’ engagement with partner schools. Base school principals are encouraged to nominate a mentor to the IOC to support the coach in their connections and linkages within the base school and amongst schools to support an aligned build of inclusive practices in the area.

A team of implementation specialists from Inclusive Education support the school and regional workforces to effectively deliver best practice approaches to inclusive education and wellbeing and to lead effective policy and program implementation which enables access to high quality education services.

SRP funding allocation

Credit allocation to recruit an IOC coach

Base schools about to enter a rollout year will automatically be provided SRP credits as part of their indicative funding to support the recruitment of a full- time ongoing IOC coach. The credit allocation is calculated at the annualised mid-point of a Learning Specialist Level 3-1 and 3-2 (plus school oncosts which cover a school’s liability for payroll tax and superannuation) as per the VGSA 2022 Agreement.

For the 2024 calendar year: each school will receive $145,778 (FTE).

Please see Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives: Inclusion Outreach Coaching (IOC) initiative (Reference 136) and Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022 (PDF)External Link for further information.

If circumstances require the recruitment of a new coach part way through the year and an SRP allocation was not provided as part of a base school’s indicative SRP budget, then this will be indexed on a pro rata basis depending on what time of year the coach commences employment. For example, if a coach commences in Term 2, then an SRP allocation of 50% of the full allocation will be provided.

Cash allocations to support the travel allowance requirements of an IOC coach

IOC coaches are required to travel from their base specialist school to partner non-specialist schools, regional offices, and other department locations and workplaces to support their coaching role. To contribute to the costs associated with this, the department will provide each base school with cash SRP allocations. Principals are encouraged to monitor travel spending together with their IOC regularly and seek advice from the regional or central support teams when funds are getting close to being spent.

For the 2024 calendar year:

  • rural schools will receive $4,250 (which equates to 5,000 km of travel per coach)
  • metropolitan schools will receive $2,550 (which equates to 3,000 km of travel per coach).

These allocations will be rolled out in quarterly allotments, at the start of each Term.

These figures are based on the current maximum Australian Tax Office allowable claim of 5,000 km per year at a rate of $0.785 per kilometre. (Please see Travel and Personal Expenses — Teaching Service and Expenses for a car you own or lease (ATO)External Link for further information).

Questions, comments, feedback

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Reference 136 of the SRP Guide, providing information on the Inclusion Outreach Coaching initiative

Reviewed 27 March 2024


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