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Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives

Inclusion Outreach Coaching (IOC) initiative (Reference 136)

The Inclusion Outreach Coaching (IOC) initiative will provide funding to all government specialist schools to employ a full time Inclusion Outreach Coach, (for 5 days a week)

Student Resource Package (SRP) funding will be provided to specialist schools to cover the salary of the Inclusion Outreach Coach. All schools will receive funding to employ an Inclusion Outreach Coach at 1.0 FTE.

Inclusion Outreach Coaches are employed through specialist schools and provide strategically coordinated capability building opportunities to mainstream schools including whole-of-school training, in-class coaching and individual teacher support to build inclusive school cultures.


Funding in 2021 and 2022 was provided to all government specialist schools in the Bayside-Peninsula, Barwon, Loddon-Campaspe, Central Highlands, Mallee and Outer Eastern Melbourne Areas.

2023 and beyond

All government specialist schools will be funded through this initiative. Schools do not have to apply for funding.

Funding will be progressively rolled out to all department areas by 2025 in line with the Disability Inclusion Reform rollout.

Funding allocation

SRP funding will be provided to cover the salary of the Inclusion Outreach Coach.

All specialist schools will receive a credit allocation of 1.0 FTE for the Inclusion Outreach Coach. Allocations will be adjusted dependant on the school term that they enter into the initiative.


Funding calculation

Rate = $138,845

The funding rate is based on the annualised mid-point of a Learning Specialist Level 3-2 as per the VGSA 2022 Agreement (including school on-costs).

Term allocation adjustment

Depending on when your rollout period is, your annual allocation will also be adjusted.

Refer to the table below for further information.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
100% 75% 50% 25%

Inclusion Outreach Coaching initiative funding

Inclusion Outreach Coaching initiative = Funding calculation × Term allocation adjustment %

Additional cash allocation for travel costs

Specialist schools will be provided with a cash allocation to contribute to travel costs of IOCs in their work with partner schools.

Funding is based on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) maximum claim of 5,000 km per year and the 2022–23 ATO mileage rate of $0.78 per kilometre.

  • Rural and regional schools will receive $3,900 per year (5,000 km).
  • Metropolitan schools will receive $2,340 per year (3,000 km).

Funded schools will receive their cash allocation through the SRP.

Reference 136 of the SRP Guide, providing information on the Inclusion Outreach Coaching initiative

Reviewed 05 January 2023

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